I. sum sum 1 [sʌm] noun [countable]
1. an amount of money:

• Large sums of money are spent on advertising campaigns.

• The company was sold for a sum estimated at $2.3 billion.

ˌcapital ˈsum
1. FINANCE a single amount of money paid out to an investor by an investment, rather than a series of payments:

• Corporate bonds pay a fixed rate of interest and then a capital sum on the bond's maturity.

2. INSURANCE a single payment to an insured person if certain conditions are met:

• An endowment policy pays a capital sum to the insured at a specified time in the future.

ˌlump ˈsum INSURANCE
an amount of money given in a single payment:

• Accident victims can receive compensation payments in installments or as a lump sum.

• The early retirement plan offers four weeks' pay for every year of service, plus a lump-sum payment.

2. the sum of ACCOUNTING the total produced when you add two or more numbers together:

• The sum of the loans was nearly 360 billion yen.

3. a simple calculation done by adding, multiplying, dividing etc:

• You will have to do your sums (= calculate all the amounts involved ) , because interest-free credit may not be the cheapest way to buy.

— see also sum of the digits
  [m0] II. sum sum 2 verb summed PTandPPX summing PRESPARTX
sum up phrasal verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] sum something → up to give the main information about a report, speech etc in a short statement:

• The report is 260 pages long, but its message can be summed up in three words: “Keep standards high”.

To sum up, I suggest that if you are investing a sizeable amount for the first time, put it into two or three UK-based funds.

2. [intransitive] LAW when a judge sums up, he or she makes a statement at the end of a trial giving the main facts of the trial:

• Summing up, the coroner praised the police for their investigation.

* * *

sum UK US /sʌm/ noun
[C] MONEY, FINANCE an amount of money: »

Share price slid by 1p to 142p fuelled by concerns that the company might offer too generous a sum for the proposed venture in India.


The sale of Germany's biggest commercial TV operator for an undisclosed sum follows a bidding contest.


Banks may not be prepared to open an account if the sum involved is too small.

large/huge/enormous sums »

Restrictions have been imposed by the government on the movement of large sums of money out of the country.

a small/modest/substantial sum »

A substantial sum has been set aside for litigation relating to the construction project.

an additional/cash/final sum »

The final sum an investor receives from a pension is dependent on the rate of investment growth.


vast/huge/considerable sums

a sum of $8/£2,000/€1.2m, etc. »

Legislation approved yesterday will raise a much-needed sum of £300,000 for use on the roads.

pay (out)/spend/invest a sum »

Deposits are non-recoverable cash sums paid just to reserve a property, with a further sum payable when contracts are exchanged.

earn/receive/owe a sum »

Victims of an explosion at a chemical works are set to receive large sums in compensation.

borrow/lend a sum »

First-time buyers are having to borrow huge sums to buy a home.

[S] (also sum total) the number or amount that is the result of adding together two or more numbers or amounts: sum of sth »

In 2006, the sum of all income for residents of Colorado rose by 6.5%.

[C] UK a calculation that involves adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing numbers: »

You need to do your sums before deciding whether you would benefit more from a fixed-rate or a tracker mortgage.


Amid the pressure to get their sums right, many funds have closed to new business.

[S] (also sum total) the whole of something after all the different features or parts of it are considered: the sum of sth »

We believe that the sum of our business principles maximizes our chances of success.

more/greater than the sum of its parts — Cf. more/greater than the sum of its parts
in sum — Cf. in sum
a princely/tidy sum — Cf. a tidy sum
the princely sum of sth — Cf. the princely sum of sth
See also CAPITAL SUM(Cf. ↑capital sum), LUMP SUM(Cf. ↑lump sum)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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